Data Privacy Rule Repeal Could Aid Google, Facebook Rivals

DAILY VIDEO: Data privacy rule repeal could boost competition for Google, Facebook; AWS’s Amazon Connect provides instant call centers in the Cloud; Microsoft targets office phones with Skype for Business upgrades; and there’s more.

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IT pros agree: Security is better in the cloud

About 42 percent of IT decision-makers and security managers say they are running security applications in the cloud, according to a survey of about 300 IT security pros from Schneider Electric. Almost half of those surveyed said they are likely or extremely likely to move their security operations to the cloud in a few years.

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After Amazon outage, HealthExpense worries about cloud lock-in

Financial services companies as popular targets of cybercriminals for the obvious reason — they’re where the money’s at. And health care companies have medical records, which are very valuable on the black market since the information there can be abused in so many ways, and doesn’t expire.

HealthExpense, which provides health care payment services to banks and their enterprise customers, straddles both worlds.

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Pool, POD or Team? Deciding DevOps related people structures

When reading DevOps related material many refer to a DevOps Pod – a structure of people that covers a particular scope in an agile way. But, if this is the case what is a Team and what is a Pool of people? Or are these constructs not available,…
March 30, 2017
Gunnar Menzel, VP Enterprise Architect


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IDG Contributor Network: Azure surpasses AWS as the public cloud of choice

A new survey of IT professionals shows Microsoft Azure has overtaken Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the public cloud provider of choice, although there is considerable overlap.

The survey was commissioned by Sumo Logic, a data analytics provider, and was performed by UBM Research. It surveyed 230 IT professionals from companies with 500 or more employees.

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Is Multi-cloud More Marketing Than Reality? (Video)

As you survey the landscape of IT today, one of the hottest buzzwords is multi-cloud, usually accompanied by a variant of “Any App, Any Cloud,” or a position that the company is agnostic to cloud vendors. In reality, we shouldn’t blame them too much.  No one really likes vendor lock-in and unless you are a major player with your own large-scale cloud business, you have to be multi-cloud.

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G Suite vs. Office 365 cloud collaboration battle heats up

CIOs and IT managers are increasingly adopting Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite for collaboration, productivity and messaging. These cloud-based productivity suites are expanding, gaining new feature sets and new apps for enterprise users. Earlier this month, both Google and Microsoft introduced chat-based collaboration apps to reposition for competition in this fast evolving and hotly contested space.

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