From the Internets: The role of expertise and judgment in a data-driven world

The Obama campaign’s former data-analytics chief explains why a healthy dose of skepticism and a clear understanding of the process behind data collection leads to stronger strategies and real impact.

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From the Internets: IDG Contributor Network: How SaaS abandonment is killing your enterprise bottom line

Ten years ago every company bought enterprise software, often in abundance. Today, 96% of organizations have now shelved some or all of it. While buying software is daunting, it is essential for competing in increasingly sophisticated industries.

The right software stack can give companies a competitive advantage, and because it is so much easier to buy today, brands are increasingly open to buying from more and more vendors.

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From the Internets: IDG Contributor Network: AIOps combines machine learning and automation to transform IT operations.

IT operations has become the lifeblood of all businesses today. A healthy IT organization can provide key competitive advantages for businesses in a fast-paced market. Many companies struggle to meet the high demand due to increased cloud system complexity. Distributed apps (where different parts of an app run on different systems) make it difficult to track where problems occur during an IT incident. Every minute of downtime or app failure directly impacts revenues.

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