From the Internets: Two-thirds of UK firms hiring for GDPR

Most UK firms are planning to hire extra staff to help them meet the requirements of the EU’s new data protection regulation

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From the Internets: Quiet VMworld 2017 Focuses on Security, Building Cloud Infrastructure

This year’s low-key VMworld show was headlined by Dell EMC CEO Michael Dell’s keynote where he said his company is well-positioned to help customers make the transition to multi-cloud IT.

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From the Internets: What to do if your public cloud is hacked

It’s never good news when your workloads, data, or both get hacked in a public cloud. Fortunately, it’s something that rarely occurs. But as workloads and data sets on the public clouds become more numerous, such a hack could occur.

The best way to recover from an attack, aka a hack, is to remain calm and follow these simple rules.

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