From the WWW: Don’t be the fool in the cloud

When I hear people worrying about cloud security, they’re usually shaking in their boots about some obscure bug beyond their control. Ha! Ordinary, stupid human mistakes are more than bad enough.

For example, Accenture left hundreds of gigabytes of private user and corporate data on four unsecured Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 cloud servers. The data included passwords and decryption keys. What did you need to dig into this treasure trove? The servers’ web addresses.

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From the WWW: Centralized security in the cloud is the best security model

It’s 6:00 a.m. on a Monday morning. You get an automated text from your security systems that a DDOS attack was attempted, but new security policies downloaded several hours earlier proactively protected the systems from the attacking IP address. All is well.

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From the WWW: How To Adopt A Cloud Operating Model for Your Infrastructure

Cloud computing has become established as a major enabler for pursuing new business opportunities, and many organizations are adopting cloud-first strategies for deploying new workloads. While cloud services are clearly becoming more central to IT, private infrastructure remains highly relevant, even as its operation takes on increasingly cloud-like attributes.

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